PFAFF creative™ 3.0


Napredne mogućnosti ovog stroja za šivanje i vezenje će probuditi dizajnera u vama. Gdje god da vas mašta odvede, rezultati su uvijek savršeni.

Velika površina za šivanje, originalni IDT sistem, veličina okvira za vez i do 260mm x 200mm, 254 ugrađena šava te 157 ugrađenih dizajna za vez, samo su neke od osnovnih značajki ovog stroja.

Top Five Features:

PFAFF® creative™ Color Touch Screen


– The clear, high resolution display shows stitches in actual size and embroidery designs in true color. The intuitive layout is easy to understand.

On-screen Customizing of Embroidery Designs


– You can easily combine multiple designs directly on screen.

Exclusive Stitch Creator™ feature


– Create new 9mm stitches or edit built-in stitches for unlimited creativity.

Built-in Designs and Embroidery Fonts + Memory to Save Combinations


– 157 fantastic embroidery designs and 2 embroidery fonts – each in three different sizes – are stored in the machine’s memory. There’s plenty of space to save your personal creations too for easy access.

The Original IDT™ System


– Integrated Dual Feed only from PFAFF® for over 45 years! Absolutely even fabric feed from both the top and the bottom.

More Features:

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