Mogućnost overcast i coverstitch šivanja, duplo LED svjetlo, veliki grafički displej, značajka  Exclusive SEWING ADVISOR™ (“savjetnik za šivanje”- kod odabira tkanine na kojoj radite, stroj određuje idealnu dužinu i širinu šava, napetost konca, te predlaže optimalnu stopicu i veličinu igle), mogućnost šivanja s 2, 3, 4 ili 5 konaca te 25 ugrađenh šavova, osnovne su značajke stroja.

Innovations for a new overlock experience

– The large Graphic Touch Display shows selected stitch in actual size, and any adjustments before you sew.

– Stunning utility and decorative overlock stitches inspire endless creativity.

Capability with creative space

– The large sewing space gives you more room for big projects.

– The extension table increases your sewing surface and facilitates fabric feeding.

– Double LED lights illuminate the sewing surface to make sewing effortless and eliminate eye strain.

Convenience for professional results

– The exclusive SEWING ADVISOR® feature instantly sets the best stitch length, differential feed, and thread tension for the chosen stitch and recommends needles and more for perfect results.

– Threading Guide DVD with animated step-by-step instructions makes threading your machine quick and easy.

– Extended Info System gives you more information on the use of each stitch.


25 Stitches including:

– 5-thread safety stitch, the industrial standard used for ready-to-wear fashion.

– 3 and 4-thread capabilities for seaming and overcasting.

– 2-thread stitches for a lightweight finish.

– Chainstitch and Coverstitch (6 mm and 3 mm) for construction and hemming.



Accessory box, Screwdriver, Knife blade (for upper cutter), Thread unreeling discs (5), Thread spool nets (5), Oiler, Allen key,  Tweezers, Lint brush, Cone holders (5), Coverstitch table/Cutter cover C (for Cover/Chainstitch), Needle threader, Dust cover, Waste tray, Extension table including four legs and push pin, Needle pack (not pictured) including three needles, size #14/90 and two needles, size #12/80 (system ELx705). Two needles, size #14/90, are in the machine on delivery (not pictured).

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